Our commitments - Pastéa


We have a happy and optimistic vision of the future!

We are men and women sensitive to a lot of causes, small and big.

We do ACT. Lead our activity in a long-lasting way by watching to decrease our environmental footprint.

  • Spread our respectful, quality foodstuffs of the individuals and the planet.
  • Contribute positively to the society in which we live.
  • Look for ethical and sustainable solutions to feed the world

The importance of the know-how! We have the taste of the effort! We undertake because we want to change things!

By speaking about taste, we were elected recently “Flavor of year 2019” !


Here we have a concrete action! The respect for our planet, the health, the sport, the solidarity! … And we shall move forward on each of these subjects, on a daily basis.

With certifications and labels on Pastéa products, you have guarantees on the products which you will consume.

This allows each one to target on what they really want and to be guided and, to approve the quality of the product. A precise information that helps to make the right decision.

Our Pastéa are certified:

Build our relationships around the principle of cooperation and point at the positive efforts. Allown anyone to give sense to their actions and keep the balance between our professional live and personal lives.

To experiment each time that is possible in order that the innovation be at the service of our jobs, the collectivity and our wellness.

Trust, Smile and Good Mood!

The Pastéa team!